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FBI to probe racial attack on Sikh in USA

A young Sikh of age around 39 was attacked by an American, and was seriously injured, few days back. Deep Rai Singh the victim had a arguments with and white guy which later turned serious , when white guy shot at Sikh man and injured badly. On first instance it appears as racial attack but can't be declared racial attack , until ,proper investigation is done by some responsible agency. As per the informati ...

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Sacrilege cases still on in Punjab

Sacrilege cases of Guru Granth Sahib are not halting till date. There were already more than 95 cases in Punjab in the recent times and no one was arrested. In recent election this is one of issues and have gone against the ruling party, that is, Shiromani Akali Dal, which tried its level best to get out of it. In the recent incident, one arrest was made, and the one who was arrested is said to be mentally ...

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Another racial discrimination case in America

A week after an incident of racial killing in which an Indian engineer, Shri Niwas was killed by ex-Navy seal, just because he was of Indian origin, another video of racial discrimination is on social media. This time its Indian girl who was travelling a train. Ekta Desai, who faced the blunt of racial discrimination this time, recorded the video and then put it on the internet. It is apparent in the video ...

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Mining mafia on run after elections in Punjab

Mania mafia is on run now, administration turned guns on to illegal mining in the state, as they feel free of political pressure now. Most recent case has came up in Pathankot, where mining mafia people find it better to leave machines behind and save their arrest. Earlier there were allegations of illegal mining from all over the state, and everything is happening under the nose of administration as no one ...

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Gurmehar got support from Pakistan

Fayaz Khan from Pakistan, a country which is considered to be India's biggest enemy, has extended his support to Gurmehar Kaur. Gurmehar is center of attraction both in main line media and Social media, because of video which she posted to protest against ABVP. She posted a video on Social media , in which she just show some placards , and didn't say thing , just make the content with her message visible. G ...

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Mahesh bhat threatened to pay money

Famous Hindi movie director Mahesh Bhat has registered in a case in Mumbai police station against a unknown person who Mahesh alleged has threatened him to pay extortion money. Disclosing the incident Mahesh Bhat said, he has received a threatening message on his phone by some person from Uttar Pardesh to pay ransom money of fifty lacs, else he will kill his daughter Alia and wife Soni Rajdhan. This inciden ...

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SAD swept DSGPC elections, Sarna lost his seat

Shrimonai Akali Dal Badal's team lead by Sardar G.K. swept the Delhi Sikh gurudwara Management committee elections. Major opposition lead by Sarna brothers lost almost all seats , including Sarna's own seat. Sarna brother's which are said to be supported by Congress, were able to win just seven seats only. Four Independent candidates were able to win this time. Party president Manjinder sirsa, and GK are ab ...

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Man attacked with swords and hockey sticks by brother

CCTV camera's captured brutal attack on man ,with hockey sticks and swords, by none other than his own brother and his associates. Property dispute is seen as a reason behind the attack. Rajinder nagar area of Amritsar witnessed live attack, which was carried on for about twenty minutes, disrupted, in which one man was taken on by several others beating him mercilessly. Two brothers OmParkash Gabbar and Kal ...

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Kejriwal supports Gurmehar against ABVP

Ramjas college clash is moving to other cities as well. Yesterday two group of students from one from ABVP and other one from SFS, came face to face on the same issue in Punjab University Campus at Chandigarh. ABVP leaders accused SFS leaders and students of clashing with them without any provocation , as they claimed to be protesting peacefully. ABVP leaders told that they were protesting against the incid ...

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Strong Demonstration by Guru Nanak college girls

Guru Nanak girls college Jalandhar, students staged a strong demonstration outside and inside the campus to show solidarity towards one of the student who attempted suicide. Girls blocked the road in the model town market and raised anti college slogans to mark their protest. Girl who tried to commit suicide is out of danger now. Protesting students alleged that, the college management raised the bar for at ...

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