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Thieves caught and punished by public in Amritsar : Live kutapa

Two thieves were caught by the alert victim, and then thrashed by public to teach them a lesson. Incident took place in the city of Amritsar, where two iron smiths who are expert in mending locks were called upon by a the victim to his house. Victim need to get a key repaired for his bike, but the clever thieves convinced him to give them the key of the almira, which they pretend to be used for repairing bi ...

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Punjabi beaten mercilessly by black American

Punjabi beaten mercilessly by black American in a general store. In a video captured by CCTV camera's installed in the store. A robber wearing hood entered the store with the clear intention of stealing something but the sales person who appears to be Punjabi, resisted and got beaten. These kind of incidents are quite common in all most all states of America. Stores which are located on highway or in downto ...

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CCTV Camera’s new invigilators for Punjab students

Punjab is famous for cheating or more precisely chit-ing. Unfair means are used not only general exams but board exams are not a different case at all. A common practice to pass out eighth , tenth or ten plus two exams , is to get passing marks by hook or crook. Not only students, but their parents don't mind at all , if they get a chance to unfair means of getting passing marks. Teachers and board staff ar ...

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ABVP clashes in Delhi reaches Chandigarh University

After clashes at Ramjas Campus in Delhi, now its the turn of Chandigarh University, where group of students from ABVP and SFS confronted face to face. Issue started when students group of ABVP started Dharna to show solidarity to their counter parts in Delhi. On the same time student belonging to SFS organisation staged Dharan against Delhi ABVP and final result was clash between the two groups. Chandigarh ...

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Threats to kill and rape for protesting against ABVP

Gurmehar Kaur daughter of soldier who lay down his life in Kargil war against Pakistan intruders, is now receiving threats for protesting a gainst ABVP. Gurmehar protested against ABVP , an student organisation, in her unique way , on social media, by displaying placard reading as, I am not afraid of ABVP. Her photo went viral and many other students also showed her solidarity by doing exactly the same thin ...

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Strict action against the killers said Ram Rahim

Ram Rahim is sorting strict action against those who are involved in killing of two dera followers better known as Dera Premi's. Those killed belonged to Jhengera village near Khanna. Father son duo were murdered in a small restaurant owned by them. Killers used pistols and fired four to five rounds on them. As per police both have received one bullet each which proved to be fatal to both of them. Ram Rahim ...

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America’s top agency FBI to work on Kansas case

FBI to investigate Kansas killing , yes America's top investigating agency FBI will work on Kansas case, in which one Shri Niwas , an engineer from India was killed. Indian born Engineer, was fired upon by an ex navy , 51 year old Purentin. Shri Niwas was sitting with his friends in a club in Kansas city when they were attacked. Two other person sitting along , one Indian and one American were also killed i ...

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Indian Engineer shot dead in Kansas USA

In yet another racial attack, a young engineer from India lost his life after being attacked in a pub, in Kansas , America. Two of his friends who were accompanying him were also injured and are still not out of danger. They are being treated for fatal injuries and their condition is said to be critical. Shri Niwas the deceased engineer was just 32 years of age and was said to be very intelligent person , a ...

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Illegal immigrants beware : new rules by Trump

America is planning to roll out new harder law to crack down against the illegal immigrants. Newly elected president Donald Trump has instructed his concerned ministers to frame a strict law to arrest and deport all illegal immigrants staying in USA. Donald fought the presidential election and even won the same, on issue of illegal immigrants and creating jobs only. He promised American citizens of creating ...

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Plane crashed on shopping Mall in Melbourne Australia

A Chartered Plane crashed into a shopping Mall in Melbourne city of Australia. Plane was carrying five passenger at the time of crash, one of them was pilot and other four were American citizens. Reason behind the crash is said to be failure of airplane engine, which stopped working just after taking off from the Standard airfield airport. Airplane took off from the airport in the morning at around 9 a.m. a ...

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