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Sikhs in England allowed to wear kirpan at work

Sikhs of England finally achieved a milestone by convincing the authorities to allow wearing of Kirpan( a Knife ) at work. For those who are not aware of the fact about the 5 K's which are important for all Sikhs as per their faith, K for Kirpan is one of the import symbols of the Sikh faith. Earlier a baptized Sikh who was working with Multinational company in England was, bared from entering company premi ...

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Sikh Sangat in Canada helping women in shelters

Sikh Sangat in Canada has join hands to help women living in shelters. Project "One Billion rising for shelters" , was started in the year 2013, as an effort to bring smile on the faces of women in shelters , specially on valentine's day. Program includes distributing gifts to the inmates which include both women and their children. Organisation of Canada in association with Sikh community in Canada started ...

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Gangster posted video online after killing own friend

Dalvinder Singh Babli a gangster from Punjab, killed his own friend and posted video online after the incident. Gangster was seen enjoying Punjabi songs, while driving a car and had no remorse of killing his very own friend. As per the information his friend was financier and had some dispute over a girl which is the reason quoted by gangster himself in the posted video. Incident took place in a market at L ...

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Trump to revert new immigration law

American president Donald Trump may have to take back his new proposal of bringing new law which will ban immigration from some Muslim countries. Just a quick reminder, Trump has promised in his election manifesto that he will ban Muslims from some specific countries to land in America. He received a major jolt when the court put an halt on this new law before its implementation. Court directed Trump govern ...

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Punjab elections 2017 to have repolling on 9th of February

Punjab election commission has declared date for re-polling in some areas of Punjab. Election commission has received complaints regarding machines not working or facing problems on the day of polling that was on 4th of February 2017. Apart from EVM machine problems there were other complaint of unfair polling , so Election Commission has taken this strict decision. There are around 12 booths in Majitha con ...

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Natural disasters by angry mother nature

When mother nature change her mood, man seems to appear as a helpless tiny particle against massive rock. Man made massive structures, houses, bridges, roads, machines everything can't stand for a second against powerful nature. People run helplessly to safe places, when they saw angry mother nature splitting stones, boulders and water and hurricanes which destroy things in not time. Massive earthquake foll ...

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Biggest Social Media Scam of the year 2017

Do you want to earn easy and fast money, beware! , your eagerness may cost you everything you have. Most recent fraud , took place in Noida city of India, where in company which was offering handsome amount for easy to do social media job, cheated its members. As per the available information the scam is of the tune 3700 crores of INR, that means 552 million dollars approx. It is said almost 6,00,000 people ...

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Gangster Rocky’s Sister using chopper for campaign

Day after bomb shell on Akali's and more specifically Badal family, in the form RTI, now its gangsters sister is using helicopter for her campaign. Rajdeep Kaur, sister of gangster Rocky, is fighting as independent candidate and is challenging all the big shots. Gangster Rocky was killed in an ambush by rival gang at Parwan place near Chandigarh. Rocky tried his luck after changing is life style of gangster ...

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Flying Badal family costs Punjab 112 crore : Poor Punjab

As per latest RTI filed with aviation department, Badal government has spent more than 112 crore of Indian rupees, on helicopter rides, which were mainly hired for Badal family only. Main helicopter riders include Sardar Parkash singh Badal chief minister of Punjab, his son deputy CM Sukhbir Badal, Harsimrat Kaur Badal wife of deputy CM, Bikram Majithia brother in law deputy CM and son in law of CM Adesh Pa ...

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Sukhbir Badal ran away from Interview : Viral video

Punjab's deputy chief minister and Shiromani Akali Dal chief sardar Sukhbir singh Badal left the ongoing interview when find difficult to answer tough questions. This is first time that cameras's were forcibly stopped by his guards and interview was packed as he was not comfortable with the questions asked by the ABP Sanjha reporter Yadwinder Singh. We have seen Narinder Modi running away from the interview ...

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