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” Motor Mittran Di ” is PK in Punjabi

We all appreciated PK a great Hindi Movie , which directly challenged our social religious system, and have given new perception to our traditional myths and ideas. People appreciated PK movie in which leading role was played by great action Amir Khan, who was shown as an alien from other world. Very few producers and directors experiment with such a sensitive issues , specially related to society and parti ...

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“Shikaar ” is a jumbo hit on Youtube with 8 lakh views

Most awaited song Shikaar , released with great start , and had a 8 lakh plus hits on Youtube. Three singers Kaur B, Amrit Maan and Jazzy B , has given super hit song after a long time. Song was filmed in a very unique way, and song as whole looks like a Hollywood movie. Song is well directed apart from super hit lyrics and sung in most fantastic way. Lyrics of the song are written by Amrit Maan who is one ...

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Baba Ramdev Displays Football Skills

Baba Ramdev has many Gifts from God like Yoga Skills, Wrestling Skills and now Football skills.Everybody was shocked while watching avatar of Baba Ramdev playing football. Baba Ramdev entered in playground in his yoga dress. Match held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Match held  between Bollywood Celebrities and Government Leader. Baba Ramdev was in leaders team, but unfortunately his team lost the game.Rest Y ...

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A Little Kid Caught In CCTV Camera Stealing Cash From a Shop With Help Of His Mother

Nowadays theft is very common thing in our society. Age or sex it doesn't matter. In this video a very little boy is stealing very smartly cash from cash counter of a shop with the help of his mother.We can see lady comes with her kids (one boy and one girl), she looks at the dresses and engage shopkeeper with her. On the other hand boy goes to cash counter and get cash from there and put into his pocket. A ...

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The Expert

This is how companies work ?, hmmm... it depends on which level you are in company and you will develop your own perception to problems , ideas, plans, am I right ? Now there are eight percent failures in developing management software's better know as ERP, and major reason for this is lack of communication between the management which actually need it and the technical people who are having there own perce ...

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